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ghost pictures is probably the biggest collection of ghost pictures, haunted webcams and spooky stories on the internet!!! We love everything paranormal. We have webcams set up in haunted houses and spooky castles in Scotland, England, Ireland and the USA - to name just a few. We have thousands of ghost pictures taken by our researchers and sent in my amateur ghost hunters. So please browse around and keep sending us your ghostly pictures!!!!
haunted website
This website is run by GITS (Ghost Investigation Team - Scotland) - as part of a worldwide ghost hunting team we lead the research and investigation of all things paranormal. Over the last 112 years GITS have helped in establishing beyond any doubt that ghosts are real and a normal part of everyday life. Our team have traveled to over 99 countries in the pursuit of knowledge of the supernatural (and to sample the local beers of course). As founder member Hamish MacHaggis often said, "Och - there is nowhere we wouldn't go to experience a spirit" - though it is commonly believed that the spirit he was talking about was single malt whisky - especially a peaty dram from Islay.

In order to further knowledge in the supernatural the team has invented a number of ghost detection devices - including the PlasMassTron, the Wheackter and the GhostTrap Mk-89. We have established 33 webcams in some of the most haunted spots around the world. These are monitored 24 hours a day. A few of these are available live on this website for your pleasure. Hopefully you will see some ghosts while you watch - you can certainly increase your chances by drinking a peaty dram from Islay while you view.

ghost pictures
haunted ghost sock

Poltergeist Socks It To Norwegian Family

The Folstads weren’t expecting to share their utility room with a supernatural boarder when they moved into a refurbished house in Brekstad earlier this year. Now, their daily lives are filled with mystery thanks to a poltergeist. more...


haunted bathroom images

Restaurant Franchise Haunted by Former Patron

The Sudden Burger fast food location in Rhode Island has one customer who just can’t stay away. This unwanted guest is Ben Haralson who died of E. coli food poisoning after eating an undercooked hamburger. Although Haralson isn’t the first to succumb to this particularly lethal variety of bacteria, he is the first to return to complain about it.  more...

Will O’ The Wisp

Will-O’-The-Wisp Leads Christmas Shoppers to Certain Ruin

Right now, Amsterdam residents are preparing for their traditional “Sinterklaas” celebration on December 5th as well as Christmas on the 25th. Both days feature gift giving, so this holiday season offers plenty of impetus for shopping. However, something disturbing is happening this year. A mysterious flickering light appears to be leading unwary pedestrians off the streets and into De Bijenkorf - a high-end boutique mall. more . . .

ghosts at party sexy ghostess

Ghost of the Party

Could you keep a promise you made 50 years ago? Well John and Alice De Parted certainly did - but in the strangest of ways - they returned long after their death to keep a promise.  more...


ghost webcams
haunted house

Haunted House Webcam

This webcam is set in secret house in London England. We are, under pain of treason, unable to reveal its exact location. Let's just say this is no ordinary house! There have been many sightings of ghosts, orbs and unnatural presences in this plush haunted house. In fact kings and queens are amongst the many sightings on this web cam.

haunted graveyard

Haunted Graveyard Webcam

This webcam is set in a secret graveyard in California. There have been many sightings of ghosts and unnatural presences over hundreds of years. Since we set up the webcam, many ghosts and orbs are often seen around the graves. Lots of sightings of the ghosts of celebrities have also been seen - including Michael Jackson and Elvis.

haunted castle

Haunted Castles Webcam

This webcam is set in a haunted castle in Scotland - though the clan chief has requested that we do not reveal the name or location. There have been many murders and deaths in the castle and there are the usual suspects that turn up - the Green Lady and the Kilted Boy. But for some strange reason there are regular sightings of famous people - keep watching you are sure to see someone that you know!!

animal ghosts

Ghosts of Animals Webcam

This webcam is set at Slains Castle, Cruden Bay near Peterhead, Scotland. The ruined castle has a portal into some ethereal afterlife zoo - there is an abundance of ghost animals to be seen here from the humble mouse to the mighty lion - keep watching - you never know what you will see next!

ghost pictures

Ghost Picture Collection

ghost girl ballet dancergirl on beachdead friends ghostghost boy

ghost of horseghost of little girlghost girlghost bride

Submitted Pictures

ghost kisssexy ghostghost of santasexiest ghost in the world

Haunted Castles

spooky castleghost in haunted castlehaunted Chillingham castleecoplasm over haunted castle

Graveyard Ghosts

orbs in haunted graveyardgraveyard ghostscemetry ghosts hauntedgraveyard ghost pictures

Orb Pictures

graveyard orbshaunted ladychild ghost orbOrbs in the River Orb with kids in swimwear

Ectoplasm Pictures

ectoplasmectoplasm ghostsectoplasm and sexy ghost girlectoplasm and haunted ghost girl

Haunted Houses

ghost at party sexy girlsmini skirt ghost girlhaunted houseghost baby haunted house

ghost blog pictures

ghost catcher pictures Ghost Investigation Team – Scotland Blog
Good Day, and welcome to the inaugural GITS Blog.  My name is Robin Graves and here forward, I will be your humble travel guide, posting bits from the road as the GITS team travels around the globe to investigate all that’s alive or dead in the world of ghost hunting.  With paranormal activity at an all time high, it seemed like the right time to start documenting our adventures.  In fact, we are currently planning a major expedition to one of the most notoriously haunted places in all of the U.S., the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. 

© Copyright 2009