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Ghost Picture Collection
Ghost Picture Collection - spooky pictures from around the world . . .

Ghost boy returns to haunt his cruel parents

Ghost basketball players scare young girl

Visit Chillingham Castle and meet the ghosts

Ghost of Lap Dancer haunts fashion show

Ghost at the window scares ballet dancer

Zombie Children Ghosts

Ghost in mirror at long room Chillingham Castle England

Ghost takes a crap Haunted Toilet Pictures

Fashion Model in Bra and Panties With ghost dancing girl in background

Famous ghost pictures The ghost in bed

The ghost of room 218 at the Cresent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Library Ghost of boy who accidentally died in the library in 1977

Full Body Ectoplasm The person with number three on his back is a ghost

Haunted Houses Old Slave house overrun by ghosts

spooky skull movie

Chillingham Castle ghosts in the dungeon

Sexy girl in black bra and mini skirt with Plasma Trail

Car Crash Ghost

Spooky ghost on wall

The Ghost at Franklin Castle

Ghost of Marilyn Monroe

Ghost pictures a plasma attack on a man took place in a lonely car park

Ghost horse can be seen at midnight every night

Haunted Pub picture of ghostly presence and ugly man

Haunted farm attacked by orbs

Young ballet dancer and the ghost of the old teacher

Ghost Picture from Haunted Mansion Showing Ecto Mist and faces in the mirror.

The dead snowman Haunted by evil spirits

Young fashion model on stage But look at the ghost dancing girl

The ghosts of two young children killed in a fire

Ghost Cat look carefully at the picture to see Freddy he died 8 years ago

Ghostly Sightingsgirl in cemetary

The Ghost that haunts the manor house

The spirits of the dead This cat is haunted by a friendly pussy

Cute young ballet dancers in haunted building Look at Plasma trail to left of picture

Ghost Lap Dancer does her act even though she is dead

Sexy Mini Skirt Girls but what is that lurking behind them

Bunny Girl meets spooky ghost

Ghost pictures of Bill Clinton and John F Kenedy

Spooky Little Girl plays with her ghost doll

Cafe Ghost this spook visits the cafe every day for lunch

The Campfire Ghost That night there was a real chill in the air despite the fire

Ghost Twins One of the girls died last year She refuses to let go

Opera ghost Dead singer returns to haunt his friends

Orbs picture Taken in an insane asylum

Mini Skirt Girls with weird orbs

Sexy fashion model at Paris show With cute dancing ghost girl

Ghost Pictures of Elvis Presley The king watching olympics medal winner Aaron Peirsol

Ghost nurse

Ghost pictures of Elvis The Apollo 12 touches down in the sea as Elvis watches

Angels and Mini Skirts Stop looking at the short skirts and spot the orb in the picture

Ghost in the Army Tomb

Ghost husband returns for Christmas

Haunted hookers stalk the streets of London

Most Haunted Places Gettysburg Battlefield

Picture of the Brown Lady a photograph taken in Raynham Hall in England 1936

Haunted College Girls see spooky orbs in their room

A Plasma Attack The two scared girls in the graveyard could only wait till it ended

Ghost appeared while girl lay on bed

The ghost baby This little girl is seen here 12 months before she was born

Great hall spook picture

Haunted grave yard ghost of the undead

Two college girls after contacting the dead become posessed

Ghosts pictures Tourists take snap shots then discover ghost in one

Haunted Opera ghost singer

Subway Ghosts Six years after the fatal train crash

Bill Clinton and the ghost of Marilyn Monroe

Ghost rising from haunted grave

Sexiest Dress in the World But the girl is surrounded by Exo Plasma

Ghost choir picture The singing girls disappear in a plane crash but showed up to perform at concert

Sexy ghost girls with haunted tattoo

Ghost and the party girls

Strange ghosts coloma ecto

A young girl possessed by a dangerous ghost

Ghost of dead twin girl

Carly Patterson USA Womens Gymnastics With ghost of Elvis Presley

Ghost at Halloween Party Picture was taken on a clear night

Ghost orbs at the Stanley Hotel

Ghost in Graveyard THE SUNDERBAN GHOST

Hot sexy dancer haunts the catwalk at Paris fashion show

Haunted Graveyard The ghost of a dead ballet dancer

Young girl possesed by an evil spirit

The ghost of Vicksburg unexplained anomaly

Sexy girl in short skirt This young girl does not realise that she has annoyed the resident ghost

Orbs seen at sunset amidst gravestones at St Peters parish church

Ghost creature in park

The Haunted Cat

Picture of ghost sister Little girl talks to her dead sister

Ghost of a little girl who loved playing bowling

Shortest skirts ever made three sexy girl sit as plasma flow fills the room with fear

Spooky orbs in the dark

Strange Ghost in the Living Room

Theatre ghosts Actors who died on stage

Chillingham Castle a Ghost at the window

Ghosts of Elvis Meeting Apollo 12 member Conrad as he places flag on moon

Picture of orb in graveyard

Nebulous ghost

Sexy girl in stockings haunted by evil spirits

Ghost of a long deceased hippy

Ghost shaped orb in graveyard

Beach Ghost Little girl returns to favourite beach

Ghost in the rain Only after picture was taken did we see the ghost

Orb in room This man felt a shiver as he walked past the orb

Sally Howard Ghost Photo Taken in Sacramento California V Street in 1998

Haunted grave pictures with green orbs

Apollo 12 Conrad raises the flag Elvis Presley lives forever

Ghost of a tiny baby still crying to be fed

The Famous Gettysburg Ghost Photo

Haunted Child Ghost of little boy returns to play games

Haunted House Little girls playing with ghost sister

Two sexy students stayed in a haunted house Here they are being attacked by Eco Plasm

Halloween ghost boots These boots belong to dead boyfriend theyare not physically there

Spooky Ghost Photo A ghost hand comes out of the television

Ghost Dancers picture was taken months after the ballet troop died in a plane accident

Ghost dogs These dogs died several years before the picture was taken

Gettysburg Battlefield ghost town inhabited by the walking dead

Picture of trees at night But ghost of girl was seen

Our Ghost Hunter Alice in shortest dress in world finds spooks at party

Ghostly boy at haunted house in Boston

Sexy Little Red Ridinghood in stockings meets an orb not a wolf

Strange Orbs in the night

Ghost choir singing girls disappear during rehearsal

sexy girls in bra with orbs

ghost in church

sexy ghost pictures

ghost graveyard pictures

ballet dancer ghost

haunted castle


Ghost ectoplasm at St Georges churchyard Schenectady

Spooky Christmas ghost

Ghost of Elvis Presley watches Nan Zhang China on Vault Womens Gymnastics

Ghost picture around pregnant women Ghost of gran come to protect the child

Car death Ghost seen leaving the wreckage

Young ballet dancers at haunted studio

Young girl in graveyard attracts spirit from a grave

Bizarre picture of ghost basketball players scaring a young girl

Sexyt twins girls in mini skirt Surrounded by ghost plasma

The Ghosts of Connor Hotel sighting in the most haunted room

Ballet Dancer Ghost Only after the picture was taken did we discover the ghost girl in the phot

Ghost at Lake Cyanotype this old man regularly wanders the lake

When George got his picture taken he got a big surprise his wife was in it even though she was ten years dead

Ghost of car that killed little boys

The Ghosts of soldiers at the site of a bloddy battle

Ghost in the woods picture This student did not know he was being haunted

College party halloween With two orbs in the picture

The Hospital Ghost This spook appears regularly to frighten patients

Ghost ballet dancer in the graveyard

Ghost orbs seen in park Salem USA

Bikini Girl Ghost Picture This little girl continues to play on the beach long after her death

Ghost of an exotic dancing girl haunts catwalk

Ghost hovering over girl in bed

Most Haunted Dudleytown ghost pictures

Haunted ballet class

Spooks in the night weird orbs terrify tourists

Disembodied ghost dancer at nightclub with dancing girl orb

Sexy Little Red Ridinghood in Stockings With Evil Orbs looking on

Ghost picture taken at Bartlett TN

Ghost of Bowen Island From the white smoke the figure of a ghost appeared

Strange Ghost Picture This shows a strange spook in a haunted forest

Spectral Orbs show up in this picture taken in the forest

Ghost photo of Bill Clinton with ghost of Marilyn Monroe

Ghost Lover A kiss after death

Ghost Killer A man hung for murder reinacts his crime

Ghost Pictures of Elvis Presley Elvis watches Carly Patterson USA Womens Gymnastics

Ghost picture of ectoplasm around two little girls as they climb a stair

Plasma surrounds the Castle Most Haunted Chillingham Castle

Haunted Mirror Picture from the Ghostly Myrtles Plantation

Ghost Girl at Drury High School North Adams Massachusetts

Ghost of a dead rock star taken in 1970

Ghost soldier his dead friend can be seen on the left

Haunted phone

Ghost of dead friend turns up to night out

Ghost Girl in the street Apparition of a young girl who recently died

Haunted School The ghost of a little girl

Haunted theatre Dead actors return as ghosts to perform Hamlet

Ghost Pictures These two kids were killed by a car The scene reinacts over and over again

Ghost Pictures of Elvis Presley Ghost of Elvis at moon landing 1969

The Lady Ghost at Bachelor Grove Cemetry Chicago

Ghost of angel girl

Drunk party girls are surrounded by ghosts

GHOSTS Friends at reunion unaware of their dead friend

St James Episcopal Church as seen on the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

Picture of Philippines ghost girls of night prostitutes

Haunted Graves Bachelors Grove Pictures

Famous Ghost or Guardian Angel the woman driver walked away from the wreckage

Ghost of burger bar

Pink Ectoplasm believed to be the ghost of a little girl

Haunted Dog Ghost Rover eventually became friends with the spook

Two hot lap dancers in haunted night club Orbs in background

Two little girls being attacked by spooky orbs

These ghost boots were not there when photo was taken

Fatal car accident Ghost seen leaving the dead body

These bikini beach girl do not see the ghostly presence in the room

Ghost of little girl meets Bill Clinton and J F Kennedy

Halloween Girls angel and devil With Orb behind them

Sexy Student in Black Bra saw these orbs but was she drunk

Sexy Dancer haunts the catwalk

Cute Ghost Girl A Young Ballet Dancer

Attack of the orbs This man has been haunted since he moved into the spooky house

Strange green orb spotted in pub

She is no angel Check the Plasma Trail ghost at top of picture

Graveyard ghost pictues Lady from the Past

Ghost post This is a real haunted post

This little girl looks scary But she does not realise that a spirit is leaving the Pandoras box behind her

Haunted Pictures from Bachelor Grove Cemetry Chicago

A ghost at the window of locked room at Chillingham castle

Dead boy Ghost of a kid who refuses to leave for the spirit world

Ghost at the wedding Ghost best man died before the wedding

Mysterious Orbs in Chicago Only spotted after the picture was taken

Ghost Girl The spooky presence was only seen when the picture was developed


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