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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : My own ghost story by Adam Tamig


Ghost Story:

I have two ghost stories, both are true. The first one is just mild, a bit curious. The house that I was born in was haunted. On numerous occasions during the day, when the older kids were at school (my mom was pregnant with me at the time), my mom would put the twins down for a nap (they were almost 3 at the time) and then go downstairs. She quite often would hear footsteps upstairs. Thinking that one of the kids had come home from school early or that one of the girls was up, she would go upstairs. No kids had come home and the twins were fast asleep.

Also, my sister Dayle more than once saw strange things. What she would see would be that she would come out of her bedroom, which was at one end of the hall, and see strange furniture from a different era at the *other* end of the hall. By the time she would get to the other end of the hall, the strange furniture would be gone.


This happened in my home when I was 11 or 12. We lived in a 3 bedroom ranch house in Gresham, Oregon. The house was probably 15-25 years old.

One night, when I was sleeping on the living room sofa, a very strange thing happened. Now, the house was 'Ranch Style', so the way that it was set up was that there was a door off the living room that led into the double garage. The garage had both a car door and a back door. Above the living room door to the garage (in the garage) was a small door leading to the attic. We never went into the attic, but it always gave me the creeps and I was never comfortable having my back to it.

This night, I laid down on the living room sofa with my blanket and pillow. My dog, Smokey, a full-grown black lab (who was generally a wimp), laid down on the floor next to me. A few minutes after I laid down, the noise started. The noise was coming from the door to the garage and sounded as if someone had the door by the handle and was pulling the door back and forth (very hard) as if trying to force the door open. Now, I was understandably petrified.

The strangest part was my dog. Smokey, who was even afraid of water in any form outside of his water dish, went crazy. He ran to the door, scratched at it, growled, wimpered and tucked his tail between his legs. The noise went on for probably a maximum of three minutes, then it suddenly stopped. When it stopped, Smokey immediately calmed down and returned to my side and nuzzled up against me. He was still pretty agitated and seemed frightened and in need of reassurance.

When the noise stopped, my sister Trisha called out from her bedroom, 'Tami, did you hear that??' I answered back that I had and we ran to each other. We immediately went and woke our parents up. They were sleeping at the opposite end of the house with their door closed.

Our parents didn't believe us. Even at 11/12 and 15, we questioned how it could be that both of us *and* the dog could imagine that *same* *thing* at the *same* *time*.

To satisfy our nerves, my father took a butcher knife and went to inspect the garage. He checked under and in the cars, including the trunks, and found no one. Now, if someone had gone out via the car door, we would've heard the door rolling on the tracks. But we *hadn't* heard that distinctive sound, so that was out as a route of escape.

My father also checked the back door. Not only was it locked, but (it being one of the rare years in the late 70's or there about when we had a lot of snow) there we *no* footprints in the snow.

After that, a few other strange things happened. One morning as I awoke in my own bed, I saw a woman sitting next to her. As I watched, she became smaller and smaller until she disappeared.

A few weeks after the garage door incident, I was walking down the hall to my room. My door was at the very end of the hallway and the last door on the right was my parents room. Their door was open. When I walked past the door, I saw a woman wearing all black (it seemed like much of it was lace, including a veil) sitting on my parents bed.

Over the next few days, my father commented about feeling someone sitting on the bed when no one but he was there.

A few days after that, my father had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. He said he couldn't breathe, it felt like there was a weight on his chest.

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