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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : Ghost in Stockholm Sweden by Jonas M


Ghost Story:

When I was thirteen years old, me and my mom moved from Stockholm back to the town where I was born. This was very much to my delight, since I never liked Stockholm much.

We moved into an apartment on the third floor of a house (most apartment complexes in Sweden only have 3 floors so this was the uppermost floor). As you entered the apartment, you had the kitchen right in front of you, a long hallway leading to the right (to one of the bedrooms and the living room) and the bathroom to your left. From the kitchen you could enter the second bedroom which was mine.

For a while things were calm, nothing out of the ordinary happened. But then I started to feel a bit uneasy when I was home alone, as I frequently was. It was as if someone was watching me, and not out of curiosity mind you, the feeling I got was that I wasn't wanted in the apartment.

I started to wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I would suddenly awake and be completely alert, and I can tell you that this isn't like me at all. I usually sleep very soundly.

The feeling of being watched intensified over time, and now things were starting to get really weird. I once put my keys down on the kitchen table, whilst turning around to open the fridge. Upon turning back, the keys were gone. I was certain I put them there and now they were gone.

A short while later I heard muffled voices coming from my mother's bedroom. It was as if several people were trying to speak to each other in a hurricane, the voices were loud but incoherent.

The occurrences in my mother's bedroom didn't cease there either: One day, I was walking home from my girlfriend at the time who lived across the street. I had told her that I wasn't feeling so good and wouldn't go to school that day. That was a lie, I wanted to go home and sleep :P
As I opened the front door, I immediately sensed that I was beeng watched. I took a right turn and went down the hallway, on the other side of the wall was the bedroom.

Suddenly I heard a sound coming from the phone in the bedroom. It was that sound that's played when you call a number that doesn't exist. Following this sound was the most evil laughter I have ever heard in my whole life. No human being is capable of such a laugh. It was deep, and sounded almost demonic (for lack of a better way to describe it).

Needless to say, i ran to school, telling my girlfriend that I suddenly felt a lot better, and wasn't sick anymore. She didn't believe me though, I was pale as a ghost (excuse the pun).

Another night when I was home alone, enjoying a three hour session of Half-Life, the feeling came over me again. Now, in my bedroom, the computer was in one corner, and a window was directly to the right of it, with long curtains that reached the floor.

I felt that someone was standing behind me, I could almost hear someone breathing. So I quickly turned my head around and as a reaction to that the curtains almost flew away from their attachments. The window was closed and the door to my room as well. No wind could have made the curtains behave like that without me feeling it. It was as if someone had been standing behind me, near the window. And as I turned around, 'it' had run away, causing the curtains to move.

Rumors were that a young girl had committed suicide in the house a few years prior to us moving in. But I could never confirm this. And I never knew which apartment she had lived in if it was true. It might explain why I was the 'victim' of these disturbances. A young spirit might be more drawn to a younger person.

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