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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : Ghosts in Sacramento Part-1 by R Garcia


Ghost Story:

My girlfriend and I live in downtown Sacramento..The house is an old Victorian duplex.Our home is the only occupied residence on our whole block. Although there are 2 more houses next door,they have remained vacant since we have been residing here. As a matter of fact, 2 yrs ago our landlords had beautifully renovated the Victorian house nextdoor but never moved in. On the other side of our landlords empty house is a cute Swedish style duplex that seems as though the renovation process was suddenly halted.The exterior was completed but the interior has cabinets, plumbing, and windows yet to be installed. It too has been vacant for years.The owners/renovators seem to have left one day and never returned. Directly behind our home and the other 2 structures is another empty lot.

Other than the many upstairs neighbors that have come and gone, my girlfriend and I are the only 2 people on our block.

The ghostly incidents began with the disappearances of our silverware, namely the forks. One by one our forks were disappearing until one day we realized that we only had 2 forks left. For a while we were pretty much content with only 2 forks until one day, while I searching for something that may have fallen behind one of our kitchen drawers, we came found a neat pile of about 2 dozen forks, all of a different pattern. It was obvious that some of the forks were antique and the others contemporary, yet we found that none of our own personal set of forks amongst them. And each fork was shiney as new. I dropped them in the sink, thinking that I would examine them more closely later. Later on when I went to get them, they were gone. I ask my girlfriend where she had put the pile of forks and to my surprise, she stated that she hadn't touched them. We never saw the forks again, they just simply disappeared. Soon after purchasing a new set of silverware, our forks and spoons began disappearing again. However more recently we have been acquiring silverware that is not part of our set we have no explanation as to how we acquired them.

Another incident began occuring soon after my girlfriend began her graveyard shift at work. I am accustomed to sleeping with the room completely dark. I find it very difficult to sleep comfortably unless my room is blacked-out. So one night while getting ready to go bed, I was so extremely tired that it wasn't until I had laid down that I realized that I forgotten to turn off the light from the adjoining bathroom. I began to drag myself out to turn off the light, suddenly the light turned off on its own. I thought maybe the bulb blew out and I was grateful for not having to get up afterall. But as soon I laid back down I felt a heavy pressure at the foot of the bed. Being that my room was completely dark I didn't bother visually checking what it was. I used my foot to feel around. The moment I felt something solid (or someone) sitting there, I jumped out of bed and switched on the light closest to me, which would be that same bathroom light.

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