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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : Haunted House by Travis Lover


Ghost Story:

I have moved many times and seemingly wherever I go ghosts follow. My grandfathers house which I used to live in is undoubtedly haunted. I woke one night to go to the bathroom as I walked with my dog to the hallway something in my gut told me to look down the hall. What I saw scared me almost to death. A ghostly apparition sitting on one of my chairs smiling. I ran into the bathroom where I locked myself in and spent the night(Also hearing my dog growling outside the door.) sleepless. This story occurred sometime during the fall when I was about seven. I was watching a movie in my room staying up late. During the middle of the movie the video cassette got spit out and the TV shut off I thought nothing of it and must have dozed off. I woke up maybe an hour or two later though I can't be sure and thought I heard voices coming from down stairs. I thought it was my grandfather and parents who were also watching a movie so I proceeded downstairs. When I reached the bottom I felt hate and sadness and wanted to cry I looked in the den and screamed as loud as I could because I saw four ghosts waiting in the four chairs I had downstairs after I screamed they were gone just like that. The last story at this house is on Christmas Eve I woke up to the loudest bang I heard in this house and I knew it wasn't the floor or pipes as they don't make that much noise. Me being the curious kid I was went to check it out. I looked in my parents and grandfathers room only to see them sleeping and looking for the dog to make sure it didn't knock something over and to my surprise it was still in my room where it had been when I went to sleep. When I went down to the living room where it had come from nothing was there and to this day I still don't know what made that noise or what the noise was. The next story I have I'm going to keep it brief. Last night I was at my uncles house babysitting and was in his room with my four cousins and best friend lets call him Pat. Well anyway we just put two of my cousins to sleep and they are 1 month and 1 year so me two of my cousins I'll refer to them as C1, C2, C3, and C4. C1 and C2 were asleep and me Pat C4 and C3 were watching TV when several bumps from downstairs were heard and went on for ten minutes. It wasn't until I stood up and said to seemingly nothing 'STOP or else you are going to mess with ME!' it stopped as suddenly as it had begun. The next thing happened soon after when the baby sound transmitter went crazy as I picked it up I could hear a voice saying something I wasn't to sure of and loud movement inside the room. You may ask what is so strange about that? Well the room where it was is one room away and we didn't hear anything. Pat went to check it out and there was nothing in there. Two minutes later I saw a shadow moved and the door opened a creak. Nothing else happened until we were all asleep. I woke up to see the motion sensor night light down the hall go on but nothing was there. Freaked out I woke up C4 and Pat and they just said my mind was playing tricks on me. The burgaler alarm went on right after and no sign of someone breaking in shown. I am 13 years old and beleive I have some psychic power.

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