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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : The Spirit of Our Next Door Neighbor by Bonnie N Clyde


Ghost Story:

About a year ago, our next door neighbor had died from complications due to a long illness. My husband and I were very good friends with our neighbor and his family, and still are very close with his widow and his son, who has, I'm sad to say, passed on as well within the past month or so due to cancer.

A couple of days after our neighbor had passed away, my husband and I were taking our usual evening walk around the neighborhood. A couple of blocks from our house was a construction site where a house was being built (it's up on concrete blocks, which is pretty common where we live due to being next to the ocean and flooding and such). When we walked past this construction area, for some reason, I felt like someone was watching me go by. I looked up at the house and I saw this man standing on the roof area, which looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, with short black hair, and he was wearing a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and dark shoes with white socks. The first thing that came to mind was it was someone who was working on the house, but it seemed strange to me because it was in the evening time, and most people have stopped work for the day. My husband and I walked up the road for just a few minutes, and then turned around and came back. When we passed that same house again, where I saw the man, I noticed that he was no longer there. I thought to myself, and I also told my husband, that I had seen someone standing on top of the house, and that I can't believe how fast he had gotten off that roof and had gotten away in that short period of time.

A couple of days later, the widow of our neighbor had shown us some pictures of her late husband. When I saw a picture of her husband in his early years, I couldn't believe my eyes!! That was a picture of the man who was standing on the roof of the house starring down at me!! I shared this with my husband, later on that evening and he believed me. The next day, he had shared this with the our neighbor's widow, and she said that she had believed me as well. She also said that she thinks that her husband's spirit has stayed around the house for awhile. She said that her husband use to like to stay up and watch television late at night (he was a retired firefighter and security guard). Also, he did not like to have newspapers all over the house and would put them in a pile on the kitchen table. And she said, that when she'd turn off the t.v. before going to bed at night, that she would be awakened by the sound of the t.v. being on around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning *her son had his own t.v. in his bedroom, plus would never think of turning on the t.v. in the living room that early in the morning and waking up his mom). Also, sometimes at night, both her and her son would hear the sound of newspapers being moved around and would go into the kitchen a little later on to find the newspapers in a pile on the table, just like the way her late husband would arrange them.

My husband and I would also have some paranormal experiences in our house as well. Before we had moved into our house, our next door neighbors had rented this house for awhile for their son to live in, and they would come over to the house (that we're living in now) quite often. One time for instance, my husband was home alone one day, and was surfing on the computer, when he suddenly heard this faint knocking on the large picture window that is next to our front door. My husband said that it sounded a little spooky and it gave him the chills. Then, one night, we were in bed, and we thought that we heard the sound of someone knocking on the window above our bed. So, my husband yelled out to our deceased neighbor (which took me surprise, might I add) and told him to go away and leave us alone! After that, the knocking stopped. Our next door neighbor's widow said that she hasn't heard anything else out of her late husband anymore either. All this happened a month after he had passed away. And now, there's peace...from him. I think that he may have just hung around for awhile until he felt like it was okay to cross over.

As for our neighbor's son, who just passed away only a month or so ago, our neighbor said that she will sometimes hear the bathroom door squeak open when it's actually closed, or that she will hear footsteps walking around in her son's old bedroom. She said that she hopes that her son will find peace as well soon, and will pass on to the other side too. She asked us if we have been hearing things, and we told her, no, so far so good. And, we hope that it stays that way.

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