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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : The Haunted And The Haunters Part-07 By Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Ghost Story:

Nor, supposing it true that a mesmerized patient can respond to the will or passes of a mesmerizer a hundred
miles distant, is the response less occasioned by a material fluid--call it Electric, call it Odic, call it what you
will--which has the power of traversing space and passing obstacles, that the material effect is communicated
from one to the other. Hence all that I had hitherto witnessed, or expected to witness, in this strange house, I
believed to be occasioned through some agency or medium as mortal as myself: and this idea necessarily
prevented the awe with which those who regard as supernatural, things that are not within the ordinary
operations of nature, might have been impressed by the adventures of that memorable night.
As, then, it was my conjecture that all that was presented, or would be presented to my senses, must originate
in some human being gifted by constitution with the power so to present them, and having some motive so to
do, I felt an interest in my theory which, in its way, was rather philosophical than superstitious. And I can
sincerely say that I was in as tranquil a temper for observation as any practical experimentalist could be in
awaiting the effect of some rare, though perhaps perilous, chemical combination. Of course, the more I kept
my mind detached from fancy, the more the temper fitted for observation would be obtained; and I therefore
riveted eye and thought on the strong daylight sense in the page of my Macaulay.
I now became aware that something interposed between the page and the light--the page was over-shadowed:
I looked up, and I saw what I shall find it very difficult, perhaps impossible, to describe.
It was a Darkness shaping itself forth from the air in very undefined outline. I cannot say it was of a human
form, and yet it had more resemblance to a human form, or rather shadow, than to anything else. As it stood,
wholly apart and distinct from the air and the light around it, its dimensions seemed gigantic, the summit
nearly touching the ceiling. While I gazed, a feeling of intense cold seized me. An iceberg before me could
not more have chilled me; nor could the cold of an iceberg have been more purely physical. I feel convinced
that it was not the cold caused by fear. As I continued to gaze, I thought--but this I cannot say with
precision--that I distinguished two eyes looking down on me from the height. One moment I fancied that I
distinguished them clearly, the next they seemed gone; but still two rays of a pale-blue light frequently shot
through the darkness, as from the height on which I half believed, half doubted, that I had encountered the
I strove to speak--my voice utterly failed me; I could only think to myself, 'is this fear? it is not fear!' I strove
to rise--in vain; I felt as if weighed down by an irresistible force. Indeed, my impression was that of an
immense and overwhelming Power opposed to any volition;--that sense of utter inadequacy to cope with a
force beyond man's, which one may feel physically in a storm at sea, in a conflagration, or when confronting
some terrible wild beast, or rather, perhaps, the shark of the ocean, I felt morally. Opposed to my will was
another will, as far superior to its strength as storm, fire, and shark are superior in material force to the force
of man.
And now, as this impression grew on me--now came, at last, horror--horror to a degree that no words can
convey. Still I retained pride, if not courage; and in my own mind I said, 'This is horror, but it is not fear;
unless I fear I cannot be harmed; my reason rejects this thing, it is an illusion--I do not fear.' With a violent
effort I succeeded at last in stretching out my hand towards the weapon on the table: as I did so, on the arm
and shoulder I received a strange shock, and my arm fell to my side powerless. And now, to add to my horror,
the light began slowly to wane from the candles, they were not, as it were, extinguished, but their flame
seemed very gradually withdrawn: it was the same with the fire--the light was extracted from the fuel; in a
few minutes the room was in utter darkness.
The dread that came over me, to be thus in the dark with that dark Thing, whose power was so intensely felt,
brought a reaction of nerve. In fact, terror had reached that climax, that either my senses must have deserted
me, or I must have burst through the spell. I did burst through it. I found voice, though the voice was a shriek.
I remember that I broke forth with words like these--'I do not fear, my soul does not fear'; and at the same
time I found the strength to rise. Still in that profound gloom I rushed to one of the windows--tore aside the
curtain--flung open the shutters; my first thought was--LIGHT.--And when I saw the moon high, clear, and
calm, I felt a joy that almost compensated for the previous terror. There was the moon, there was also the light
from the gas-lamps in the deserted slumberous street. I turned to look back into the room; the moon penetrated
its shadow very palely and partially--but still there was light. The dark Thing, whatever it might be, was
gone--except that I could yet see a dim shadow, which seemed the shadow of that shade, against the opposite

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