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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : The Ghosts of the Old Spanish Trail Part-1 by Kevin Kinkade


Ghost Story:

I have encountered some strange things in the hills of Central Texas since moving there. But first, let me tell a little about some encounters I had with the paranormal, which accelerated latent psychic abilities I had buried in my subconscious.

When I was 18 years old, I was living in Buffalo, New York. The year was 1974 and I had a job in the steel plant. I was on my way down the hall to get in my car and go to work when I thought I had heard a woman's voice call my name from directly behind me. It was around 5:30am and no one was awake but me. The voice sounded to be of a woman in her mid 30's, not at all unpleasant, but the knowledge that I was hearing the voice, when there was no one there to produce it scared me a little. I went into my sister's room to find her asleep as well as my mother and father. I went ahead to work and forgot about it. About a year later I moved away from Buffalo and ended up in Seattle where my brother was playing in a rock band called 'Rail'. I was living in the South side in an area called Ranier Beach and my brother was in an area east of the lake called Bellevue and even though we were separated by that body of water, we both experienced similar things. We both would wake up around 4am to find that we were immobile, unable to move even our eyelids. At the same time, we both heard women's voices. In my case, I heard the sound of two women chanting in a strange language that I couldn't understand. My brother told me that he could hear a group of people in the next room clapping in unison, then it stopped and he heard a woman's voice saying, 'Everything you've ever learned in your whole life, is wrong.' Both of us couldn't understand what this was all about. Why were we being contacted? A couple of years before that my sister and I had shared a similar dream experience. In the dream, we were in a clear river where a man looking like a life guard was instructing us on how to breathe the water like air. In her dream, my sister fought the man but in my dream, I was told that this was the only way we could survive. I did as instructed and in the dream felt the sensation of my soul loosening itself from my body and floating out of the water. I later re-entered my body and swam to the surface feeling like a new person. I might also add that our family is very psychic. It is rumored that our great-great grandfather's uncle was a Kickapoo medicine man. These sorts of things were unusual but we had a basis for understanding it. Ever since these occurences though, I have felt my psychic awareness heightened. Maybe sharpened due to being 'pushed through the door' by unexplainable events. Anyway, I ended up in Houston and then in Central Texas. I had been living in the Hill Country of Central Texas just outside of Austin. The immediate area I was living in at the time was called Will Barger Creek. Will Barger was a settler who had lived in the area during the time of the struggle for Texas Independence. He had allegedly been scalped by my ancestors, the Kickapoo, and lived to talk about it. I had to move from this 6 acre piece of land to a 3 acre piece of land a few miles south of there. The place I left was surrounded by deep woods with an open meadow near the house. This house was a place where musicians and people with a metaphysical background used to meet to have all night musical jam sessions as well as story telling and the sharing of mystical experiences. It is a place with many memories as well as an energy that can only be described as spiritual. In the time before I left that piece of land, it had rained quite a bit. That was the spring of this year, 1997. I had to park on the main road and slog through the mud down a road to the house which was in the middle of the 6 acres. One night, just before dusk, I had to go back to my truck, a 64 Chevy, and so I started down the dirt road. It was just that time of night when you're right between day and night. The air was charged with electricity. I looked ahead and thought I saw something. It looked like a dark hooded figure standing in the middle of the road. When I approached, the figure turned and walked into the woods. As I came near to the spot, my blood ran cold and I could feel the 'presence' that had passed through. I had to pass the spot on my way back and could feel the same chill down my spine when I approached that place in the woods. I left shortly thereafter and moved to a new place on 3 acres of even deeper woods. There is an old barn there. It had been moved from the spot where the converted trailer house where I live now stands. There's a dirt road that approaches my house through the woods, passes my front door and then meanders into the woods out of sight. It looks almost like a trail but is wider. It doesn't look like your typical farm dirt road. There doesn't seem to be any tire tracks on it. One day my mother was visiting from Houston when she said she noticed a man in a flannel shirt walking over to the house from the barn. I looked, but no one was there. I have two wolfdogs who normally would go nuts if someone approached the house. Later on, I would be working on my truck and would feel that someone was standing near the telephone pole watching me.

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