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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : Ghosts in Sacramento Part-2 by R Garcia


Ghost Story:

I saw nothing. It wasn't until I recounting my story to my girlfriend that I realized that I had turned on the same light in the bathroom that I had initially thought had burnt out! This presence began appearing nightly, sometimes the presence would sit at the foot of my bed, sometimes it would lay right along side of me. Each time it came on to the bed really slowly, and would actually add enough pressure on the bed to make it creak. Sometimes this presence would stroke my hair. This usually occurred when I was at my most exhausted and the hair strokes were more soothing than frightening. At one particular incident I was awakened by a womans voice. I don't know what was said, only that it was said in a husky-voiced whisper and that it was spoken into my ear and not at a distance. On another occasion while I was waiting around to pick up my girlfriend from work, I heard what sounded like an 'oooh' sound coming from another room. I went into the room that I thought I heard it come from and as I entered the room I heard the same 'oooh' coming from the room I had just exited. Curiosity got to me and I began following this 'oooh' sound from room to room. At this point even my cats became aware of it.It seemed the 'oooh' sound was having me chase it around the house until it finally just stopped. I stood there wondering what it could of been when all of the sudden the 'oooh' sound was spoken directly into my ear.

I grabbed my keys, ran out of the house without bothering to look back at what it was. I was so spooked that I tears running down my cheeks when I arrived at my girlfriends work site. I don't even remember getting in the car or even driving. But upon arriving back at the house I had no problem going back in.

We also have many times seen dark person-shaped thing peeking in doorways throughout the house.This dark thing seems to be leaning over to look into the room we are in and suddenly disappears. Almost as though its playing Hide and Seek.

One evening I woke up in the middle of the night found that the door frame to our closet was dripping with water. We asked the neighbor upstairs to check to see if something in his apartment was overflooded .He checked and found nothing. This happened on more than one occasion and it seemed that only the inner doorframe of that particular closet would leak.

One day we decided to rip out the carpet in the family room and refinish the wooden floor underneath. About two days later after the lacquer was completely dry, my girlfriend noticed a hand print and a barefoot print in the wood, not the lacquer but embedded in the solid wood itself. The prints are too small for them to be either one of ours.

Our entryway leading to the front family room has at times both disturbed and entertained our cats and dogs. The cats can sit at footboard for long periods looking up the wall. Their heads will sway back and forth as if they are intensely watching something. At times we have even noticed them pawing at the wall.

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