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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : The Chimney Ghost Part-2 by Hal Obergene


Ghost Story:

Then everyone blamed my cousin and I for telling lies about seeing things. Saying that they thought we were so trustworthy and that we were in trouble for scaring them like that.

Another time, I was getting ready for my first day of kindergarten, when I remembered that my new backpack my mother had bought me was in the living room. I walked down there to find my backpack hung on the rail by the fireplace (my mother said she put it on the sofa, not the rail, so I was really nervous). I still remembered what had happened on my birthday, so I went up to it very cautiously. I took it down and put it on my back and ran back up the stairs. When I got to my room, I opened my bag to put my story books in it when I found a sharp rock wrapped up in wrapping paper from one of my birthday presents inside it. I was very freaked and I really didn't know what to think. (I was 5 years old!)

I didn't tell anyone about it and I decided to throw it away in the garbage can. (Now that I'm older I think that the sharp rock was the one that hit my uncle in the face from inside the chimney.) I decided to tell my best friend at school about it a week later. She thought I was just making up stuff because ever since the birthday thing, everyone started accusing me of being a liar. (5 year olds can be so mean!) I eventually told my sister, who told my brother, who told my mother. My mother freaked out (she still beleived in ghosts) and so she asked me where I had found the wrapped up rock. I told her in my back pack. She told me to tell her every little detail about it. I didn't know really what was going on so I simply replied that I found it by the fireplace.

She called my father, who doesn't beleive in the paranormal one bit. He told her to just calm down and take some medicine or something to ease her mind. She was histerical. She was screaming and crying at the same time. Finally, he got scared of leaving her alone at home with us, so he came and picked us up and took us to the park. He told us that 'Mommy just needs a little cooling down.' Of course, my mother didn't like the thought of being home alone in a haunted house, so she ended up going to my aunt's house for the afternoon.

After about an hour of being at the park, my father received a phone call from a neighbor saying that they thought they saw someone up on our roof. He piled us into the car and drove us to our Aunt's house and then went down to the house. He said that he didn't see anything. But years later, he admitted to us that he saw a red hooded figure inside the house through the window from the backyard. Instead of calling the police on what he had seen, and telling us, he just told himself that he was just imagining things and so just to be safe, he went into the shed and pulled out a gun and went inside. He didn't see anything though.

So he came back and picked us all up and randomely decided on the spur of the moment to go on an immediate family vacation. He told us that we didn't need to pack our bags and that we would buy new clothes wherever we were going. So we went to the beach and stayed at a hotel for about 2 weeks. Looking back on it, I realize he did that just incase there was somebody there at our house. (Now that he is older, he beleives in ghosts now)

Years later, my older sister started beleiving when she was 13 years old, she was doing stretches in the living room near the fireplace with her friend, getting ready for a big dance competition. (when our friends were just finally started to accept the invitation of coming to our house) She got up to get she and her friend a beverage. When she came back, she was holding the 2 drinks in her hands and as she walked by the fireplace, she gasped and fell back and dropped the drinks on the floor on our new rug. I was about 8 years old at the time, I ran down the stairs and asked what had happened. She told us that as she was walking past she felt someone or something grip and pull her ponytail to pull her back. We all got totally freaked out so we ran into the kitchen, not bothering to clean up the mess on our new rug. So when our mother came home and she saw what we had done to her new rug, she got really upset. She didn't buy our 'ponytail pull' story (she had been in therapy !
about things like that) and so she grounded us and sent my sister's friend home. And plus, my sister never got to go to the dance competition.

There is also a good chance though that my sister made it all up and made her friend go along with it so that she wouldn't get into trouble for accidentally spilling a drink on the rug when mother had said we couldn't have any drinks in the living room. So she could have made up the ponytail story to make it seem like she was innocent. Whatever the reason, it didn't work!

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