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ghost stories
Scary and exciting Ghost Stories from around the World . . .

Ghost Story Title : Ghost at the Big Old House Part-5 by Paul Zaccari


Ghost Story:

The clock said 03:09.

I sat in the chair facing the door. The whole world was quiet. My ears picked up the sound of a door opening. I stood and went to the door. The lights in the room began to slowly dim. I pulled the door open. The hall was unlit. I could just make out the stairwell. Something scraped softly in the kitchen. I waited. The lights in the room continued to dim until extinguished.

My ears seemed super sensitive. The fear started to creep up in the pit of my stomach. In the downstairs hall I heard a sound like a whispering. It grew swiftly until a crackling sound like dry leaves could be heard. I knew without seeing that the beetles stuck to the walls were reanimating.

A darkness filled the bottom of the stairs. The Presence was there. I watched as the faintly seen hand rails seemed to melt into the shadow. I thought I heard a soft noise behind me. The house seemed to become cold. The blackness drifted down the hall towards me. I could feel the chill and fear of it pressing against me. Finally all in front of me was total darkness. The Presence was before me.

I stood in the doorway facing it.

'Go away.' I said

The anticipation of a blow filled me so powerfully that I almost winced.

'Go away' I repeated 'You can not enter.'

Part of me waited for death. The fear was beginning to grow in me. I knew if I didn't do something I would be overcome with it. I drew a slow, ragged breath of the ice cold air.

'Leave us. I will not move. Your way is blocked.' The words seemed to hold my terror in check. It was all I could do to utter the next ones.

'Or kill me if you can.' The words were almost rushing out now. I steadied myself. 'You either can't kill me or you don't dare. I bet it's the latter. You've been trying to get rid of me. Burning me with sauce or breaking a limb with a push down the stairs would put me in the hospital, which would suit your purpose because If I'm not here you can't reenact you ancient crimes.' My voice was loud and strong now, the fear changing to anger. 'You had your chance in the cellar but you didn't take it.' The darkness started to recede from in front of me now. I stepped out after it. My teeth were clenched as I spoke.

'You didn't take it because if you killed me there wouldn't be anything between me and you, would there!'

The shadow seemed to get smaller as it withdrew. I pressed after it.

'Maybe you can terrorize and murder a women. Let's see How tough you would be facing a man on equal footing.'

I had it almost to the bottom of the stairs now.

'If you were such hot shit you wouldn't be dead in the first place!' I spat.

The darkness vanished. One instant it was in front of me, the next, just the shadows of normal night. Relief poured through me. I just started to inhale for a deep sigh when I heard the bedroom door slam. There was a womens scream upstairs. Shit! My mind raced. I pivoted around, then turned again and went towards the cellar.

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