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Most Haunted Places in the world. From our collection of haunted castles, hotels, graveyards, houses and pigsties. We dare you to visit!!!!

Country: England

Haunted Place : Ludlow Castle

Details of Haunted Place :

Frequently seen by visitors to the castle is the ghost of a betrayed lover - Marion de la Bruere.

Back in the year 1190 when days were old and Knights were bold (but also always on the lookout for new damsels in distress) Marion had a secret lover called Arnold de Lys visited her in the castle by climbing a rope that Marion lowered over the battlements. (Romantic so far!)

However, one dark and stormy night when the castles lord, Joc de Dinan, was out at the pub (or somewhere similar) Arnold de Lys climbed up the rope as usual. But following on behind him were 100 of his soldiers - they had come to capture the castle. Marion, realizing that she was being tricked and betrayed, grabbed Arnold's sword and slit his throat then threw herself to her death from the Hanging Tower (Pendover Tower).

Another Ludlow ghost appears in Market Street, one of the older parts of Ludlow, and also haunts the Globe Inn where a grisly murder occurred many years ago.

The phantom is believed to be that of a medieval soldier, Edward Dobson, who was based at Ludlow Castle, and in the service of Richard, Duke of York.

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