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Most Haunted Places in the world. From our collection of haunted castles, hotels, graveyards, houses and pigsties. We dare you to visit!!!!

Country: Australia

Haunted Place : Princess Theatre, Melbourne Melbourne, Australia,

Details of Haunted Place :

Frederick Baker Does Not Want To Leave This Theater

Built in 1854 by George Coppin, the Princess Theater in Melbourne, Australia stands as a beautiful building in the city and is still used as a theater. When it was first built, it was one of the first theaters in the country to have gas lights, and it was the first building in the world to have a retractable roof and ceiling, as well as electrical stage lighting.

Phantom of the Opera at Princess Theatre, Melbourne

Phantom of the Opera at Princess Theatre, Melbourne

While it is a historic place to visit, it is also known for the many ghost sightings that seem to happen, and they all center on Frederick Baker.

On March 3, 1888, the baritone Frederick Baker was performing. When his performance was completed, he sank through a trap door as part of the performance. However, as he was lowered, he had a sudden heart attack and died. He never came back to the stage and when stagehands announced he had died minutes ago, the audience was perplexed. Many said he just came onstage and said he took his bows with the rest of the cast.

To this day, Frederick has been seen walking through the theater, even by those who have no idea about the legend of Frederick Baker.

Haunted Princess Theatre Melbourne

Haunted Princess Theatre Melbourne

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